16 People Share the Small Things that Make Them Feel “Rich”

The word “rich” has different meanings to everyone.

Ask someone living in poverty, and someone who has millions in stock. Their answers will be completely different.

The same concept applies if you ask people with the same net worth.

That’s because the word “rich” is a feeling. It’s not a financial status that shows how much money you have.

We wanted to find out how people get that feeling without having millions in the bank. So, we asked 16 people to share the things that make them feel rich–no matter how small they are.

Here’s what they said.

1. A fully-stocked fridge 🍳

I personally feel rich when I’ve got a fully-stocked fridge or food cupboard.

I live with just my partner and our puppy, so we don’t eat lots. We also do our grocery shop on a weekly basis. By no means do we stockpile. We just pick-up some extra 50p tins every few weeks.

But the one thing that makes me feel rich is when I unload my groceries in my kitchen every Sunday afternoon.

It’s something that Andrew Taylor of Net Lawman agrees with: “I believe my health is the one thing that if deteriorating, money can’t really do anything for. Rather than spending my money on cars, large homes or big holidays, I spend it on good healthy food.”

“So having organic products in my cupboard, spray-free fresh local produce, bio foods and all of those superfoods all stocked up, ready to make smoothies and juices and fresh delicious meals, that is what makes me feel rich.”

Plus, Faveable‘s Liz Jeneault says: “As a mom to a busy toddler, staying hydrated is important to me. But, I get bored of just drinking water all the time and so I love having a well-stocked fridge that’s full of various drinks! It helps make me feel rich.”

“I like having my cans and bottles all neatly lined up and displayed in my fridge like a celebrity would. I especially love having Red Bull Sugar Free, Coca Cola, sparkling water, Gatorade, various coffee drinks, and fresh juices in there!”

“It’s just nice having all those different drink options on hand and especially when you’re tired and need some caffeine. It can also help impress your guests when they come over!”

2. Petrol money 🚗

“For me, it’s having the money to put petrol in my car,” Francesca of The Money Fox says.

“It’s one of those things that most people take for granted but I went for a few years without a car as I didn’t have any money, and it was extremely difficult as I lived out in the sticks and had a small child”

“I have promised myself that I’ll never let that happen again, and I cherish it.”

3. Food deliveries 🌮

“I grew up fairly poor, as did my parents before me,” says Courtney Keene of MyRoofingPal.

“Food was always an issue, in that there never seemed to be enough unless it was incredibly cheap. Corned beef hash, chipped beef on toast, spaghetti, etc were standard dinner fare until my father got a better-paying job. Even then, we had to be frugal with our food budget, rarely eating out.”

“As a young adult, I had periods of time where I was the stereotypical college student subsisting on ramen, cereal, and the occasional dollar menu sandwich from a fast food place. Going out to eat with friends was a luxury, again, and I couldn’t fathom doing something like that weekly. But after getting settled, it wasn’t a strain on my budget anymore, so long as I was reasonable.”

“Even better than that, I lived in a college town with delivery from a variety of restaurants.”

If I just didn’t feel like cooking one day, it wasn’t a big deal to order a meal I wanted from a restaurant and have it delivered to my door. That always made me feel rich, and I definitely noticed when there was a need to cut back.”

4. Paying for a family meal 👩‍👦‍👦

“The first time I ever felt ‘better off’ was taking my family to a restaurant to celebrate, and I made sure nobody looked at the prices,” says Brett Downes of Studio Fifty Four. “They could have whatever they wanted and it felt good to be able to do that.”

“While my wallet still felt the hit (it isn’t used to not being frugal), it was nice to be able to treat my family, after they work so hard for me and my company.”

“Everyone should have some times in their life when they can do this, we all need to have that freedom sometimes, even if it’s buying a cake and eating it yourself in one sitting.”

Ian Wright of British Business Energy adds: “The one small thing that makes me feel rich is getting guacamole on my burrito at places like Chipotle or Tortilla. It’s only 50p, but I feel like I’m splurging every time.”

5. Grabbing a Starbucks coffee ☕️

Here’s one thing that really grinds my gears in the world of personal finance: Gurus saying that buying a morning coffee is a waste of time.

If you can genuinely afford it, and it brings joy to your life, why cut it out?

In fact, it’s something that makes Jeneva Aaron of TheHousewire.com feel rich: “A coffee from Starbucks or my local cafe makes me feel [rich].”

“When I was younger, I used to buy a cup of coffee every day. But when I had kids and decided to start putting more money in the bank, I had to cut Starbucks out of my budget. Now I make a thermos in the morning before work, and Starbucks feels like I luxury.”

“I feel like a billionaire walking out of a coffee shop with a cup that someone else made for me!”

Deborah Sweeney of MyCorporation.com adds: “One simple thing that makes me feel rich is my daily Starbucks latte. I love being able to grab it on the go or sip on my drink while I’m at one of their stores and do a little bit of work.”

“I’m also thankful for their mobile app, which rewards frequent latte drinkers with stars (points) that add up and allow you to get free drinks and snacks. You can even receive a free drink on your birthday via the app just because it’s your birthday!”

6. Low-cost airport and flight upgrades ✈️

Travelling can be a stressful experience for most people.

Steve Hoyles explains how some small changes to the travelling process helps him feel rich: “You can access a lounge for around £30 depending on the airport, but then the food and drink is free, there’s always a comfortable space to sit and the Wi-Fi is better. You also get a pass that allows you priority access through security.”

“Given I’d usually grab food and a couple of drinks before the flight anyway, it doesn’t really cost much more but it’s a touch of exclusivity without the first class price tag!”

Along the travel theme, Ben Taylor of HomeWorkingClub also says that “extra legroom seats on budget airlines” make him feel rich: “It may not be business class, but stretching out feels like a real luxury, and always feels worth the money.”

7. Taking an Uber to the airport 🚕

When we asked the GenTwenty team for a small thing that makes them feel rich, Nicole said: “A small luxury that makes me feel rich is taking an Uber or a Lyft to and from the airport.”

“It adds a little bit of an expenses to my travel budget over taking public transportation but it does save me time and helps me start of and end my travels in a calm way.”

8. Paying for shipping 🚛

“When I order something online and pay 3 or 4 dollars for shipping, I feel like I’ve made it in life,” says Snezhina Piskova of Independent Fashion Bloggers.

“Long gone are the days when I always listed items to appear with free shipping in my search.”

9. Taking a break from work 🖥

“Being able to put my work down and take a long and relaxing break anytime I feel like it makes me feel rich more so than any material thing,” says CallowayCook of Illuminate Labs.

“Before starting my own company I worked a regular job, and while it wasn’t too bad, the lifestyle wasn’t for me. I love setting my own schedule and taking breaks whenever I want. It’s incredibly fulfilling and leads to a better work/life balance.

Similarly, a small thing that makes Don Dulin of UnfinishedSuccess.com “feel rich is getting to have breakfast in the morning with my daughters.”

“I know most people have to rush out to work in the morning and miss out on the quality time. I cherish that I can get up, watch Sesame Street, and eat breakfast with them before heading off to work.

“In fact, I am more than happy earning less and having be ability to spend the time with them versus missing out and earning a higher salary.”

Sleeping Lucid‘s Liz Brown agrees: “One of the simple things that makes me feel rich is when I get to spend time with my family. As an entrepreneur, most of my time is taken up by my business commitments and I rarely find time to relax with my loved ones.”

“On the rare occasion that it does happen, I feel like I’ve afforded a sense of security and that my work life is stable enough for me to take some time off.”

10. Having supportive family and friends ❤️

“Having a family who loves me and knows how to show it is one of the biggest ways I could feel rich,” says Leonard Ang of EnKo Products.

“Not everyone has a family who supports them and shows them that they love them. Some may even feel alone even in a home full of sisters and brothers. Some were even given up for adoption. That’s why having a mother, father, and siblings who show me that they love me are the greatest blessings anyone could have. An extension of my family which makes me feel important are my friends.”

“Life is much easier if you have friends who are always there for you especially in time of trouble and not just the happy times. They are the ones who have your back and they’re the ones who listen to you when you need it.”

Ang adds: “With people like these in your life, you’ll never be poor.”

What does “rich” mean to you?

The feeling of being “rich” doesn’t always come from checking your back account.

There are small things you likely notice on a weekly basis that gives you the same feeling.

So, what are they?

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